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Transport information

Shipping Guidelines for Firearms

Shipping Guidelines for Firearms

  1. Firearms must always be completely disassembled, and it should be clearly visible during X-ray screening that each firearm is disassembled and non-functional.
  2. Firearms must be securely packed in at least 2 boxes.
  3. All documents (export and import permits) must be submitted to us as PDF attachments at least 1 business day prior to the scheduled pickup date. Please send them to
  4. Shipping is ONLY possible in fully enclosed carton packaging.
  5. Even firearm cases must be completely boxed.
  6. No ammunition should be included, including empty cartridges.
  7. Pickups are only available on the European mainland.
  8. The dimensions of the packages must not exceed 150 cm in length.
  9. All documents must be placed inside the packages as copies.
  10. The packaging must be completely neutral with no external markings indicating the contents. Failure to comply may be interpreted as an attempt to commit a potential crime in some countries, leading to the customs or police seizing and disposing of the packages at the sender's expense.

The correct packaging

Proper packaging when shipping weapons is of immense importance to ensure that the shipment always arrives well protected and safe at the recipient's door.

Ideally, you should use a special gun case or the original packaging of the gun for shipping. Attachments such as telescopic sights should always be disassembled and well packaged separately, either added to the shipment or sent as a separate package. Failure to observe these precautions may invalidate the insurance cover.

Please note that when shipping to countries in the European Union, all packages must be fully packed in cardboard boxes. Even gun cases must be completely wrapped in cardboard.

To properly wrap gun cases, we recommend using wine cartons from your local supermarket. They are usually happy to give these away free of charge.

When shipping long guns in cardboard boxes without a gun case, it is important to secure the gun in the box so that the barrel cannot poke through the cardboard wall. We recommend that you first wrap the long gun in a sufficiently large and thick blanket and secure it with parcel tape. Then the package should be wrapped, for example, with cut open wine cartons and generously wrapped with parcel tape.

Proper packaging when shipping weapons ensures safe transport and protects the weapons from damage. Please ensure that you follow all the precautions mentioned to ensure a smooth and safe delivery.

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